Friday, October 14, 2016

Exposing the NWO Reptilian Cult ▲ The Reptilian Space Program

(Image a Derivation of the Painting: “Saint Wolfgang and the Devil,” Altarpiece of the Church of Fathers, Munich, c.1483)

Reptilian Agenda:
• Incredibly Malicious/Evil Space Programs
• Subjugation of Primitive Races
• Blood Sacrifice (e.g. Dissidents, Children, Animals)
• War / Sacrifice / Death / Destruction
• Poisoning of Food, Water, Air
• False Flags / Misdirection of True Origin of Events
• Information War / War vs. the Truth / Societal Engineering
• Use of RF Weaponry / Microwave Weaponry / NeuroWeaponry
• Creation of Strategically Engineered Religions (Engineered via Electromagnetic Mind Control)
• Impersonation of God, Jesus, Archangels, and Holy Spirit via Electronic Telepathy Technologies
• Proliferation of Cover Stories / Technological Illusions / Technological Mind Tricks
• Suppression of Enlightening Paradigms
• Proliferation of Endarkening Paradigms
• Anti-Human Rights / Reptilian Space Programs are Behind Prolific Levels of Abuse
• Exploitation of Innocence
• Division of Mankind Through Psychological Operations
• Control of Presidents / Kings / Emperors / Pharaohs
• Destruction of Uniqueness / Destroying Mankind's Priceless Assets
• Sabotage of Anything Good for Humanity (e.g. Music, Art, Software, Food)
• Mauling of Beauty / Mutilation of Beauty
• Tainting of What's Pure
• Malefaction Towards Purity
• Agenda to Incriminate
• Malicious Creation and/or Control of People's Physicality
• Fear Based Mind Control Programs
• Electromagnetic Mind Control of Key Societal Engineering Targets
• Assassination / Murder of Key Paradigm Shifting Targets
• Discrediting of the Truth / Discrediting of Truth Sources
• Creation of Sinister Globally Governing Secret Societies
• Administration of a Reptilian Cult (Electronic Telepathy Cybernetic Secret Society)
• Guidance to the Top of the Pyramid of a Global Conspiracy
• Bloodliner Mythology / Religions (e.g. Luciferianism, Satanism)
• Reptilian Agenda via Human Proxies / Minions
• Creation of Controlled Opposition
• Augmenting the NWO's Efficacy in a Global Conspiracy (IE: Groups like the Vatican, CIA, Knights of Malta)
• Training of the Global Conspirators in Evil Methodology
• Technological Targeting of Community Leaders (Shamans = Old Age Targeted Individuals)
• Bastardization of Spirituality on Primitive Worlds
• The God Spell; Creation of God Mythology on Primitive Worlds to Serve Agenda
• Injustice Proliferation
• Eugenics / Elimination of Bloodlines / Cultivation of Unethical Bloodlines
• Genocide / Ecocide / Herbicide / Hereticide / Christicide
• Malicious Programming of Genetics
• Malicious Programming of Souls / Technology Based Malicious Soulular Programming

The NWO Agenda serves the reptilian federation agenda. Reptilian space programs are behind the global conspiracy, however the conspiracy relies on human minions to do their bidding to have a great effect here.